Sunday, April 15, 2018

I was not dead, I was partying! No estaba muerto, estaba de parranda!

Hi again, Hiram here!
I been doing to many things all this time since the last entry and to many things happen since the last entry. I don't remember if I told you that I'm from Puerto Rico and last year we had a visit from something that we wasn't prepared to. Yeah, I'm talking about hurricane Maria. Thanks to God and the Cosmos my family and I are doing good, but this experience took a lot from me (even the game developing aspect). Scratching that out! I'm working again on games and RPGs. This year I published the my first take in RPG format of the Stumbling Undead Universe using LARA System by Experimental Playground
To download it go to its page at
Soon I'll be releasing an expansion for the Stumbling Undead RPG called: "An Expansion To Survive". So stay tuned! 
Click here to download

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