Thursday, March 11, 2021

Atomic-Powered Mutant Grrls

 Corebook cover.

Hi folks, Hiram here! 

It been a long time, but at least I have something for y'all. In this last two weeks I worked in conjunction with my girlfriend (Stephanie Feliciano) a magical girls RPG for the Magical Girls Game Jam #3. 

As in the title of this post we called, the RPG Atomic-Powered Mutant Grrls. AMG (for short) is simple RPG that in it's intro tells you a little background story of how the grrls were conceived, so you have a start for you to continue. 

The illustrations for the book were beautifully made by María Feliciano

If you want to check it out,use the widget bellow, there you will find an English and a Spanish version of the book. 

Well fellas, that all I got for you right now. Hope y'all like it and as always stay tuned! 


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