Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Chrome//Knuckles: A Beat em' Up Cyberpunk RPG


Chrome//Knuckles is my submission for the One Page RPG Jam 2021.

As the title suggests, Chrome//Knuckles is a Cyberpunk themed RPG set "in a imminent future". The evil mega corp Yashinoki, rigged the elections for mayor of "the once prosperous Reef City". The city is now in chaos, commanded by the iron fist of Akuma Salinas. "Misery, hunger and crime reign" in Reef City. 

Who will overthrow the powerful Akuma Salinas? 

Go right now to Chrome//Knuckles page at, download the files, find some friends and hook your Cyberboard to your Datajack, because it's time to let Mr. Salinas know the power of the people is in their numbers!

¡Ha! Y por cierto Chrome//Knuckles también está disponible en español.

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